Naam Vader Moeder Record Winsom Stamboek
Alain Scott Offshore Dream Allie Fidele 1:16.0 € 7.311 link
Caitlin Scott Love You Tantivy Kievitshof 1.13.9 € 63.685 link
Candy Mann Scott Flirtin Man Amazing Rose 1:14.8 € 29.885 link
Coktail Scott Love You Tiffany Kievitshof 1:18.8 € 225 link
Diesel Scott Diesel Don Tiffany Kievitshof 1:16.4 € 8.750 link
Dynamite Scott Love You Amazing Rose 1:15.2 € 10.940 link
Eliose Scott Orlando Vici Amazing Rose 1:15.6 € 3.205 link
Emillio Scott Flirtin Man Tantivy Kievitshof 1:15.3 € 4.810 link
Enrico Scott Varenne Allie Fidele 1:18.0 € 520 link
Evian Scott Offshore Dream Ihstar Hannover 1:17.7 € 965 link
Faday Scott Jaded Lady Lay Luck 1:12.9 € 30.629 link
French Connection Un Mec D`Heripe Action Transs R 1:17.8 € 650 link
Garland Scott Flirtin Man Umber Boko 1:16.3 € 1.650 link
Gentle Scott Crazed Winnie Boko 1:18.5 € 3.300 link
Grace Scott Flirtin Man Umber Boko 1:16.3 € 1.950 link
Harvey Scott Make it Happen What a spirit link
Hayley Scott Ken Warkentin Ihstar Hannover 1:18.2 € 620 link
Hendrix Scott Love You Experience Victory 1:15.3 € 5.060 link
Hummer Scott Love You Tantivy Kievitshof 1:11.3 € 43.763 link
Iam Velten Scott Brad de Veluwe Beauty Groenhof 1:15.7 € 4.600 link
Jack Scott Prodigious Experience Victory 1:13.3 € 25.695 link
Jet Scott Conway Hall Caitlin Scott 1:16.1 € 150 link
Kaitlin Way Scott Raedy Cash Action Transs R 1:14.0 € 15.320 link
Kamiela Scott The Bank Jill Cortina link
Kathy Scott Charly du Noyer Flo Kievitshof 1:15.1 € 5.534 link
Khira Scott Charly du Noyer Tantivy Kievitshof link
Kristy Scott Tucson What a spirit 1:16.6 € 1.345 link
Lars Scott Credit Winner What a spirit link
Leroy Scott Trixton Caitlin Scott link
Lionel Scott Tucson Amazing Rose link
Lipton Scott Charly du Noyer Experience Victory link
Love Me Scott Love You Tantivy Kievitshof link
Lucky Boy Scott Obsession November Lady Lay Luck 1:19.7 € 450 link
Lucky Scott Charly du Noyer Bahira link
Luna Scott Traders Flo Kievitshof 1:17.4 € 320 link
Luuk Scott The Bank No Doubt About (IT) link
Madelyn Scott Villiam What a spirit link
Master Scott Traders Flo Kievitshof link
May Scott Raja Mirchi Bahira link
Megan Scott Bar Hopping No Doubt About (IT) link
Muscle Scott Muscle Mass What a spirit 1:12.5 € 156.095 link
Mylie Scott Traders Action Transs R link
Nadira B Scott Traders Badira Bay link
Naomy Scott Southwind Frank Caitlin Scott link
Natasja Scott Villiam Bahira link
Nicole Scott Conway Hall Flo Kievitshof link
Spirit Scott Expo Bi What a spirit 1:18.2 € 2.865 link
Starlight Scott Obsession November Ihstar Hannover 1:17.9 € 2.770 link
Velten Vancouver Russel November Amazing Rose link
Way Scott Diamond Way What a spirit 1:15.2 € 24.963 link
William Scott Dream Vacation Experience Victory 1:14.0 € 25.890 link